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For those who cannot wear flip-flops or simply for those who prefer an alternative style, we studied a model with two cross-band uppers that reminds of the old comfortable sandals.
What our Cross sandal offers is certainly comfort and safety, it ensures the foot a firm hold and at the same time let it breathe.
The insole is anatomical and the sole has a good grip even in wet conditions thanks to its design, which reproduces the tread of a rain tire and to its softness and flexibility.
Enjoy Cross choosing from over 40 colours and create endless colour combinations of soles and uppers!
Cross is 100% Made in Italy, made in PVC.

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Crossed straps make this article particularly suitable for those who do not love flip-flops!
They tie your feet, following every movement and ensuring comfort and stability.
Cross is a young and trendy version of the slipper used by our grandparents and which has currently become a must.

The sole, which reproduces the tread of rain tires, is a unique feature that distinguishes some of our best sellers.
This characteristic ensures excellent grip, stability and security even in wet conditions.

The wide range of colours that we offer allows you to personalize your shoes as you prefer, even combining more variation of tone on the same item.
You can have your Cross in any colour of our chromatic scale, and create new funny combinations by mixing up to three different colors.

Our slippers are entirely designed, manufactured and packed in Italy by Henry and Henry ®.
They are made of non-toxic and phthalate-free PVC in compliance with the most stringent safety standards in the world.

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