Henry & Henry is a trademark registered in the world by Randi Creazioni S.r.l.

Randi Creazioni S.r.l. was born in February 2005, when Enrico Randi, after a long experience first as agent and then as sales manager in leading companies of the footwear industry, decided to found his own company by capitalizing on the skills acquired over years.

We produce exclusives plastic shoes.

Today, thanks our attractive models, Henry & Henry shoes are known and bought in many Countries such as Italy, Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey, Israel, Russia, Canada, USA, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Montenegro, and many others.


We always work to ensure a high quality level that distinguishes us from others, and that is perceived and recognized by customers.All materials we use have Italian origin, so also all stages of production take place strictly in Italy, between the province of Ravenna and the provence of Ancona and Macerata, in order to ensure the absolute quality that the Made in Italy represents in Italy and all around the World.

We aim to create products that are always original, groundbreaking and never banal.Every year our offer expands and renews. Our models are trendy, cool, colorful, and the winning feature is their versatility.

To us, relationships with customers are very important, we follow them from the order until the delivery, trying to meet their demanding and creating with each of them a unique relationship.Customers recognize the seriousness with which we try to give our best every day.

Randi Creazioni S.r.l. works mainly with foreign importers, it develops scale economies that reduce production costs, it uses 100% of production capacity and it self-financing its growth, in order to sell at competitive prices.

We always invest on fairs to advertise our products. Every year we are present at all editions of Micam in Rho (MI) and of Expo Riva Schuh in Riva Del Garda (TN). In 2014 we attended for the first time the Euro Shoes Collection Premiere in Moscow.

The coherence of the company modus operandi, the word of mouth and the visibility given to our products by our customers, do the rest.


We base our work on innovation, in order to study and propose trendy ideas every year, and get a new positioning on new markets.

We would like each person has our creations at home, and that he enjoy wearing them because Henry & Henry makes him feel special and unique.

Since July 2014 we also sell online, thanks to the new official e-commerce, through which we reach the whole of Europe.

Randi Creazioni S.r.l. is synonymous with reliability, research and innovation.


thanks to all